Bcmon APK Download for Android

One of the best android internet traffic monitoring app which has been in use for many years. This app is also used in hacking Wi-Fi and WPS routers. In this post, we will guide you through the process of using this app and also tell about the various functions and features of this app. Bcmon APK used Internet traffic monitor app but not in real, every teenager wants to learn to hack and also wants to hack someone’s Wi-Fi password so that they can get internet access for free or to show off in front of their friends but we all know that hacking someone’s Wi-Fi is an illegal act and also a punishable crime. The Bcmon, one of the hacking app available on the internet but for using this app for hacking someone’s Wi-Fi you also need an app known as REAVER.

Bcmon APK

This app is not only for the hacking purpose, but it is also used by professionals in the IT sector. The IT sector basic work is to manage a particular network by watching its traffic and by balancing it, Bcmon is an application which can be used by both the Professional work and local work also. For using Bcmon you don’t need a technical degree or technical knowledge in some special field, you just need common sense and some basic technical knowledge. Bcmon can be used commercially or residentially, as Bcmon can access and monitor both the networks either commercial or residential in a very simple and easy way. Bcmon represents the data in GUI interface which can also be used by a common person without any deep knowledge of Computers or Softwares. this app is one of the most useful apps for IT sector and Network Professionals as they require every aces possible over a wireless area network in their office or field, they require this kind of access because they have to monitor the network to figure out the errors to avoid any crash and disturbance in the traffic over a local or personal network. Bcmon requires some specific technical skill to handle the app in effective and more productive way..

Bcmon APK Download for Android

This little, complex and unique application in the mobile phone can handle almost everything in this digital world of electronics and internet, Bcmon is a simple application which can be downloaded and accessed by any individual in this world. Bcmon can also help you in putting restriction and also block the access of the specific targeted website or device, we all know that skilled network professional can handle the network very easily but nowadays we can see a lot of parental blocking activities so that their kids should stay away from dark side of the internet, so even parents can use this app to block the access and also in monitoring the activities of their personal network.

How to Run Reaver Apk file for Android

Bcmon is a multi-platform application which can be used on various platforms basically and most commonly in android devices, but it requires root privilege to perform such kind of task. Basically rooting your device means providing the access to the core activities of your phone to various kinds of application available in the market that requires root privilege to work. Caution, rooting your device. Hacking others WIFI networks is an easy job by using the combination of Bcmon and Reaver. For teenagers hacking other WiFi password is fun, and by doing this they can get access to someone else’s WIFI network without their consent.

Download and Install Bcmon Apk File

We will guide you through the whole process of hacking or getting access to someone’s WIFI network, but beware hacking someone’s Wi-Fi network is an illegal act and this article is just for the educational purpose, we shall do not promote any kind of illegal activities. First of all, you need an official version of Bcmon app, which you can find on the official website of Bcmon, from here https://bcmonapp.com/, now after downloading the Bcmon APK, we are now ready to move forward. So let’s start.

  • After downloading the app you have to install it, for installing the app you need to allow third-party application by going into settings > security > Unknown sources
  • After that tap on the application file from your file manager
  • Once the application is installed, you can use the application after rebooting your device
  • After rebooting your phone you can try access and monitor the nearby networks with the help of Bcmon APK.

Rooting your Device | Download Bcmon

The most important thing so that you can use bcmon is a rooted device. So here we will guide you through the whole process of rooting your device. There are various through which you can root your android device easily.

  • You can use any direct root application for rooting your device, which is available on the internet
  • Some of them are Framaroot apk, iroot or Towelroot apk
  • You can download this app directly from their respective websites
  • After downloading you just have to install it through your file manager
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can run the application just by taping on the app icon
  • After opening the app click on root your device option and select the basic option of rooting
  • Ensure that your phone is a full charge or have a charge more than 50% for safer side, otherwise, you have to suffer from data loss or sometime Damaging the OS your android device
  • After the process is completed reboot your device
  • Done

Now enjoy full root access and Bcmon application on your device.

In this post, I have provided you the whole process, how to install and download the Bcmon APK. This post will help you in an efficient manner and get most out of it without causing any problem to your device or smartphone, by reading this post you will find it easy to install and run the app easily without having any prior technical knowledge. In this post I have provided you with the apk of Bcmon application and it is hundred percent secure and easy to download, you just have to click the download button icon and it will start downloading into your device and then you have to open the application and install window will appear and just click on the install button and it will start installing on your smartphone and I will guarantee you it is hundred percent genuine and secure, and it will work perfectly on your device if you followed the above-mentioned steps in which I have guided you how to run and use this application and to the necessary things before running the application on your smartphone.

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