Best iPhone X Accessories You Can Buy

iPhone X is the most gorgeous phone with unbeatable new design and features like all glass back and front.  Moreover this glass enables wireless charging of the device. But in spite of these features, this smartphone has many noticeable cons. Safety of bezel less all glass back and screen is need of this phone. Also interconnecting TV and Best iPhone X Accessories is not possible with a common cable. it is not possible to connect earphone and charger at same time so an adaptor is necessitate.

Best iPhone X Accessories

There is variety of Best iPhone X Accessories in the market and it is difficult to select among them. You need not to purchase all the items for your device. I have listed some of my favourite and essential accessories to make your device strong and more functional. Let’s dig out the customisation tools for your gadget.

Touchable Glass Flip Cover+ TPU Back Shell Case

enhance the functionality of this evolution with Touchable flip cover. If you want to protect glass screen from all kind of damage then this case is boon for you. You can pick calls or access your device without opening the flip case. In built high quality film resist scratches, oil and fingerprints. this will give full protection from back and front. This cover doesn’t add bulk and is easy to install with perfect fitting.

2 in 1 Charging and Audio Adaptor

This is best upgrade for your iPhone X as you can charge your phone as well as listen your favourite song at single moment. we all know that iPhone do not come with 3.5 mm Headphone jack. If you want to listen music with these headphones then you must have an lightening adaptor. But there is a con for using these adaptors as at that time you will not be able to charge your device. Thankfully, this 2 in 1 adaptor is available that gives you facility to plug charger and headphone at same time. it is highly durable conversion machine from analog sound to digital sound quality.  This accessory will make your iPhone using experience more amazing.

Qi Wireless Charging Dock Station


Dock stations are new evolution for Smartphones. This accessory lets you charge your device without using wires. Perfect mount vent in for placing your Phone in vertical and horizontal position on table. With this product you can watch your movies or videos without keeping your device in hand. In addition you do not need to worry about the drainage of battery.  It has stable and secure mounting system with over charge and over current protection.So without thinking much grab it for your iPhone.


Front and Back Tempered Glass Protector


As discussed earlier, iPhone X has bezel less all glass body and screen that need to be protected. Tempered glass is the best option to do this job. It comes with 9H hardness that is suitable for resisting scratches and bumps to affect beauty of your device. screen touch quality remains same even after installation of this Ultra thin film This glass is quite expensive but its benefits makes it worthy. accidental damage are not covered under warranty. screen replacement will cost you much more than price of tempered glass. so invest in this protector and make your device strong enough to face any drop.


LED display 3 Port USB wall Charger


why wait for charging your devices when you can charge them at same time. 3 Port charger lets you charge three devices simultaneously. Experience smart charging by detecting all connected devices and adjusting output to meet requirements. It is 100% safe from Overcharging and overheating. Material used to manufacture this product makes it look elegant and protects it from high temperature. LED lets you know about the connected Phones. Charge your device at high speed and save your time for other activities.


Multi Function Memory Expansion Cable


This amazing device  looks like normal lightening to USB cable bit believe me it much more than that. It is  a 3 in 1 cable for your iPhone X to expand memory, charging , and data sharing. this means you can easily transfer photos, videos from  your iPhone to any other device and can store it in data card. It is similar to flash drive with more features. This accessory is surely a good investment for you. I will recommend this product to interconnect your Laptop, iPad and iPhone.

Qi Wireless Desktop Charger Pad


This is exquisite metallic leather pad to just put and charge your iPhone X automatically. Electromagnetic induction design is unique and charge your device quickly. Forget about searching for plug and cables at your place when you have wireless desktop charger. It has safe and intelligent technology that switches the power off when your device gets fully charged. Temperature remains constant so you do not need to worry about over heating of your Phone. Flat and angled mode makes it stylish to be place anywhere. I am sure this will a great compliment with your latest Smartphone.


Lightening HDMI Adaptor Cable


Even if you have an iPhone, interconnecting it with TV is not a difficult thing to do now. HDMI adaptor is designed to connect your devices without any hurdle. This is very simple to use- connect TV and your phone by plugging the wire into right ports of adaptor There is another lightening port that allows you to charge your device while your phone is connected with TV, projectors or other gadgets. This is the best way to share your videos with friends, play games on bigger screen and to do much more things.


Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount with Cable Clip


No cable mess and holding your phone while driving when you have car mount vent with you. Magnetic card holder lets you put your iPhone in position. Imagine if your phone battery drains and you are not getting your wires then you need to stop your car and search for them. But of your cables were placed or clipped perfectly in front pf your eyes then you can charge your device easily. By keeping this situation in mind, manufacturers have designed this product. clamp locks the air outlet stably and resist dropping. strong magnet suction holds your device tightly and didn’t let it fall on the surface.


2 in 1 Optic 4k Professional Lens


Lens adds up more functionality to the camera of any Phone. We know that the camera quality of iPhone is better than any other devices but camera accessories will add more clarity to the images. 2 in 1 optic lens is a combination of Macro and wide angle lens that are used to strongly focus on objects to capture. If you want to take close up pictures then for sure your Phone’s camera will not give you the image you want to capture. so using this external lens will be beneficial for you.

In my opinion these Best iPhone X Accessories are essential to have with your iPhone X. What will be your favourite options out of these? Please leave your message and let me know.

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