Drastic DS Emulator APK

Are you a fan of Nintendo games and wanted to play them on your android device? Then you will need DS emulator to play the games on your device. DS emulators make the gaming experience more comfortable on Smartphone. Now the Phones with Android OS are used at large scale and people are fond of playing the games on their devices.  So it becomes necessary to use the sources which can increase the 3D resolution as well as gives high end graphics. All these things are possible only with DS emulators. There are number of emulators which are available in the market but Drastic DS Emulator APK is better than others. In this article, we are going to provide you a proper guide about Drastic DS emulator so that you will get details and can download this amazing application for free.

Drastic DS Emulator APK Download

Nintendo games like Supermario, Pokémon and others are everyone’s favorite. Drastic DS emulator will revive your old memories by allowing you play these games at High quality in your Smartphone. This can be used in unrooted Smartphone which makes it more valuable. People prefer to play games on their android devices because they carry their portable devices everywhere they go. And if you are downloading the emulator for this purpose then you must select the best one. Drastic DS Emulator work well and play games at all speeds. The latest version of this app is released in Feb 2018 which is very powerful than previous ones. You just need to download this app and the game that you love to play and run the drastic DS emulator games on this fastest emulator.

As we told you earlier, there are many emulators available in the market. Most of them are based on the windows program and takes more time to run on Android Smartphone. But Drastic DS Emulator is specially designed for Android OS and run the games with high speed. It has various features which are not found in any other emulator. This app can be used in landscape or portrait mode. Also you can save your game in SD card, Google drive or other sources which suits your requirement better. The functionality of this emulator is amazing. Here we are discussing some of the best features of this wonderful application.

Drastic DS Emulator Features

Apart from playing the Nintendo games on Android devices at full speed, this application has the following features

  • Customizable DS screen size and placement with portrait and landscape mode.
  • Save and resume the game from where you have left.
  • Easy to Synchronize the games on Google Drive
  • 3D graphics of the game enhanced to 2 by 2 times which works very well with high speed quad core devices.
  • Supports add-on controllers as well as physical controllers
  • It can Twist Nintendo games with thousands of cheat codes
  • Emulation speed can be increased with fast forward

Drastic DS Emulator Requirements and supported android versions

Drastic DS Emulator is compatible with only android OS. The version which supports iOS is not yet launched by the team so you can use this app only on Android devices. The android version from 2.3 to marshmallow 6.0 is suitable for this app. However company is working on making the app workable with higher versions of Android. Also you will require extra space on RAM so that this app can work without creating any load on your device. Here is the list of android versions in which this app can be used.

  • Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • CPU: 1 GHz+


  • Gingerbread [2.3.3–2.3.7]
  • Honeycomb [3.0–3.2.6][a]
  • Ice Cream Sandwich [4.0–4.0.4]
  • Jelly Bean [4.1–4.3.1]
  • Kit Kat [4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2]
  • Lollipop [5.0–5.1.1]
  • Marshmallow [6.0.0–6.0.1]

Drastic DS Emulator Download APK

Drastic DS Emulator APK is available for downloading from the link given by us. The latest version of this app is available on our page. So do not waste your time and download it immediately. We know that it is not an easy thing for the people who are using the emulator for the first time. That’s why we are sharing the proper guide for using and downloading the Drastic DS Emulator on your android Smartphone.

How to Install DS Emulator APK

  • Download Drastic DS Emulator APK from here
  • Click on the downloaded file and install it by following the instruction appearing on screen
  • When the installation is complete, your app is ready to use.

How to use the Drastic DS Emulator- complete guide

IF you are fan of Nintendo games and wanted to play them in your device with more and more functionality then Drastic DS Emulator APK will do that for you. DS Emulator does not run without the games. The new users do not know how to add the games in this emulator. So we are providing a quick guide for all of you.  Read out the whole article and you will be able to manage and use the Emulator with much knowledge.

Downloading Game ROMs

After installing the DS Emulator in your device the first thing you have to do is adding the Game ROMs. If you are not aware of game ROMs then consider the emulator as virtual Game console and then we can call the ROMs as Virtual Game. There are number of Game ROMs available on internet. You can grab them for free or you will need to purchase some of them. They can be in zip, .rar or any other format but do not worry as Drastic DS Emulator APK file can extract all the details required from other files of any format. This is a necessary step because Drastic DS Emulator APK is just an Emulator without game and you will require Game ROM.

How to Play Game on Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic DS Emulator APK and ROMs of Game are the requirement to play the game. But you must do some changes in settings in order to get best gaming experience. Follow the simple steps to start the game. First of all open the Drastic DS Emulator APK app and select the game ROM of your choice. This is an automatic process to give you all the ROMs available in your device. When you select a ROM then the game will start. If you get any error on starting the game then try other ROM as some of the ROMs are not compatible with Drastic DS emulator. There is a quick access menu on screen with the help of which you can control displaying function, emulation saving, speed resuming etc. the game controlling is easy and simple in Drastic while other emulators have complex game controlling which makes the gaming experience worst. Open the settings panel of the emulator if you face any kind of issue and try to solve it. The game lagging problem can be solved by increasing the frame-skip value. So start your Emulator and play the games without nay hurdle.

Drastic DS Emulator Compatible Games

An emulator does not support all kind of games available on Internet. When we talk about the Drastic DS Emulator then there are Nintendo games which are supported by this app. so before  downloading the ROMs of the game check whether it is compatible with the app or not. Drastic DS Emulator APK is light weight app which runs smoothly on any kind of low budget Android devices. It also gives you high resolution graphics which makes the gaming experience excellent. So if you want to play the games on this app then pick any of the game from the list given below. However there are other games too which are similar to the following games and are compatible with Drastic DS Emulator.

  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All
  • Mario Kart DS
  • New Super Mario Bros DS
  • Mario & Luigi Partners in Time
  • Mario Party
  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • Advance Wars: Days of Ruin
  • The Simpsons game
  • Professor Heinz Wolff’s Gravity
  • Professor Leyton and the Curious Village
  • Droid Razr HD
  • Ragnarok DS
  • Mega Man ZX Advent

Saving games on Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic Emulator is best choice if you want multiple saving ports for your game. Saving option is available in this emulator to return on the point where you have left the game.  You can save the files and manage them with file manager. This is one of the best drastic features one could ever get in any emulator.

Last words

Drastic DS Emulator is not a new name for the android users who prefer to play the Nintendo games on their device. IT has various features which includes high resolution, amazing graphics, fast game play which enhances the gaming experience. The Drastic DS Emulator APK of this emulator shared by us has the capability to play DS games on high speed. Many emulators are available on internet but they do not have enough power to run the game son android devices with high end graphics and speed. We have discussed about downloading apk file, using Drastic and saving games in this post. If you want more information about Drastic DS emulator and its upgrades then visit this post again. We will provide you updates as soon as they are launched by the company.

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