How to Make Bootable Pendrive – Create Bootable USB Pendrive (Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10)

Hello Guys I am Nikhil Gupta, there are a lot of problem that we face in our Laptop, Computer or PC so to solve that problems we make this website through which you will get the proper solution of your problem. In this website you can read other tips and tricks related to computer that will be very attractive tricks for you so please check it out other articles also. In this article, we will discuss about the How to Make Bootable Pendrive? Have to ever try to install windows in your pc or laptop using a DVD/VCD. If yes then you must have noticed that it takes a lot of time to install that’s why today people use pen drive to install windows in PC or laptop.

How to Make Bootable Pendrive ?

But the main thing is that the pen drive should be bootable and without which it will not be able to load the windows during the initial stage. So here are some of the method that I am sharing through which you can learn How to Make Bootable Pendrive?

What is Bootable Pendrive?

Here is the answer that a Make Bootable Pendrive is just a faster way through which one can install windows on your pc or laptop…….!!!

If you have checked the solution before you must have found some sites which tell you about the command method to create a bootable pen drive but that method is difficult for the beginners. So here I am with some easy methods.

Before beginning just you have to check that you should have at least a pen drive of 4 GB (minimum).

Make Pendrive Bootable using Power ISO Software

This is the 1st method through which you can Make Bootable Pendrive this is very easy method. In this method you have to download Power ISO software and download link is given below. Then step by step guidance of this using this software is given below.

  • Download it from here.
  • Open the software (open as administrator) after installation and click on continue unregistered and insert your pen drive in the USB port.
  • Go to Tools and then click on Create bootable USB drive.
  • Now you will see a window like the snapshot given below. In that window you can see your pen drive is clearly shown to you under destination USB drive.
  • Now you have to browse your windows .iso file from your computer using the folder like icon.
  • Just click on start to begin the process.
  • After sometime it will make your pen drive bootable (THE STATUS WILL BE SHOWN UNDER THE EVENT COLUMN).
  • ENJOY!!!!!!

Make Bootable Pendrive using RUFUS Software

This is the 2nd method through which you can Make Bootable Pendrive very easily. This method is similar to 1st method here we use RUFUS Software only. This software is similar to Power ISO software. Step by step guidance is given below to use this software.

  • Download it from here.
  • Open the software and insert your pen drive in the USB port.
  • The software will be like that snapshot given below:-
  • Your pen drive is shown to you under device.
  • Make selections as shown in the snapshot above.
  • Browse the windows ISO image by clicking on the icon shown with the help of an arrow in the snapshot.
  • After that click on start.
  • It will take some time to finish (just few minutes) to finish the process and after that you will have a bootable pen drive with you.

How to create Bootable Pendrive in Windows with CMD

This is the 3rd method through which you can Make Bootable Pendrive. Main benefit of this method is that you doesn’t need any software if you are not able to download any software then you can prefer this method. In this method you have put only some commands which is also very easy after that you can make your pendrive bootable.If you doesn’t want to use the above given techniques than you can try another technique to make your pen drive bootable. The method is by using the CMD (command prompt). Hence now you can easily know that How to Make Bootable Pendrive? just by using some commands in CMD.

The main advantage of this method is that you can just type some commands and complete your task. Moreover you don’t need any additional software in your pc or laptop so not necessary to give some extra space to any other software.

So now I am sharing the technique through the following points:-

Step 1Open Command prompt window as administrator.

Step 2:Then you have to type “diskpart” in the CMD window. Note that it is not case sensitive.the process is shown below:

Step 3: Now it’s the time for next step. Now you have to type “list disk”. This command actually used to show the number of drives attached to you computer or laptop.

Step 3: now will be able to see the number of drives connected and now you have to select your pen drive from the list shown above. You can easily identify your pen drive as it will be always at last position in the list. Now to select the disk you have to type “select disk $” exchange $ with your chosen disk number, shown in the above snapshot

Step 4now after selecting the disk you have to type some more commands which are given below:

  1. Clean
  2. Create partition primary
  3. Create partition 1
  4. Active
  5. Format fs=ntfs quick
  6. Assign
  7. Exit

Actually you not need to understand them just follow the commands as given below and believe me your work will be done.

  • After doing all this now you have to just copy the installation files of window 7, window 8, window 10 or any other window.
  • Easiest way is to simply open the ISO image using winrar and then click on “extract to” option and then extract the files of the ISO file in your pen drive. The process is shown below:


  • This step will take some time to copy and after that your pen drive is ready.
  • Keep in mind that you can also copy the files from your window’s DVD/VCD in your pen drive moreover you can also copy the files from your pc if you have kept those files in your pc’s hard drive.

Note: Don’t copy the files by creating folder inside you pen drive. You have to copy the files directly in the pen drive.

So these are the different method through which you will get to know “How to Make Bootable Pendrive?”. We hope that finally you will be satisfied with this article. If there is any doubt related to this article you can easily comment here we will answer your doubt. If you really likes this article then never forget to share this article with your friends  through social website like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest, and there are many more website are there.

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