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KWFinder is a new and an emerging keyword research tool created by the team over at Mangools. It is a profoundly efficient and straightforward keyword tool to use.It has quite an impressive interface as it offers various unique options and one-click keyword difficulty score system. Let us know about  KWFinder Discount Coupon in detail.

What Should You Look for in a Keyword Research Tool?

Nowadays all of the online searches are dependent on the keywords as the keyword enables the readers to arrive at desired blog or post. So, it becomes essential to use keyword research that helps you to make your blog or post favorite or find the related markets and various other reasons.

A favorite keyword research tool should be easy to access and should be able to find you the data you are looking for. In addition, it should be able to generate the information with good precision.

Many keywords research tools offer more features than what is needed making the device difficult to use and process data. KWFinder does not face this problem as it is not loaded with unnecessary features, unlike others.

Features of KWFinder | KWFinder Discount Coupon

Various features of the KWFinder are:

• Organize Keyword with Keywords List

It lets you organize your research in the most planned manner which in turn saves your valuable time. These keywords can be edited at any time you like, and you can also send these lists of keywords with metrics as a CSV from the main or the other menu. You can select the group of keywords you like to create a list and go through it whenever you need.

 You can Filter the Keywords that are Unpopular.

It helps you to get past all the unwanted keywords which you do not want to rank like the low traffic, high difficulty score words. You can filter your keyword search results which may be based on the column, CPC, SEO difficulty, PPC, the number of words and more. Filters are usually popular for commercial keywords because they indulge in the usage of specific modifiers.

• You can Find a Localized Result for a Localized Keyword

Local keyword search is easier due to the presence of the local SEO as it helps to get precise search

• Importing Keywords

You can introduce keywords with the help of single keyword lookup. You can import by writing the keywords by separate tags, uploading you TXT OR CSV file or dragging and dropping your files.

• Search Trends and Keywords Matrix

You can now explore the search trends, search volume and the keyword matrix to efficiently optimize your search.

• Finding Long Tail Keywords

It helps to see your niche keywords in less than 3 minutes. The selection of the ideal combination of the keyword volume and keyword difficult is the initial steps towards an efficient keyword search. It also helps to find even more related words and organize them.

• Autocomplete

You can switch to the autocomplete mode to unite your key seed word with other words to show their metrics. It will help you search. It is an advantageous feature if you want to use combined words and also want to know their parameters.

• Questions

You can also choose the items tab if you’re going to target the questions starting with who, how, what, why, whose, etc. This feature helps you target the keywords in question format.

• Suggestions

This feature provides the suggestions for your keywords based on their algorithm and keyword database.

• SERP Analysis and SEO Metric

You are provided with various SEO metrics and also the most critical metrics. You also get the built-in SERP Analysis.

• Export

You can export your results in 2 ways either from the suggestions table or the keywords lists .to export through the suggestions table you need to select the table and click on export choosing any one of the options. If you export through the keyword list find the list to exported and click on the three dots then the export option.

Pricing if KWFinder | KWFinder Discount Code

There are three plans from which you can choose the plan which suits your requirements the most. You can pay monthly or annually. The Annual Pricing is as follows:

  1. The first is the basic plan which you can get for $29.90 and will offer you the necessary facilities.The basic idea shows you 200 keyword results.
  2. The second plan is the premium plan for $39.90 and will provide you the premium facilities.
  3. The third plan will get you all the features and will cost you $79.90 .this is the agency plan

This picture shows you the comparison between the three packs and the saving per pack.

In the Monthly Plan, the following changes take place

  1. You get the basic plan for $49.00
  2. The premium plan for $69.00 and
  3. The agency plan will cost you $129.0

This picture also shows you the comparison of the packs if you opt to pay monthly.

You can also create a free mangool account which will get you 5 lookups per 24 hours, 50 keywords suggestions and 100 backlinks per 24 hours. But It is better to obtain the paid version because you will get some more bonus SEO tools like SERP checker which helps in search engine ranking processing analysis, SERPWatcher which helps in keeping the tracks of your keywords, Linkminor for backlinks analysis.

KW Finder vs. Google Keyword Planner

Mainly KWFinder uses the Google keyword planner, the number of times the users on the internet used the term, the position of the words on Google after the searches applies its innate parameters and produces the result for you that much makes it much more user-friendly than the Google, keyword planner.

But the main point of difference between the kW finder and the Google keyword planner is that in Google keyword planner you are not able to see the exact number monthly search volumes whereas Kwfinder shows you the exact number.

You can see in the picture below that the Google keyword planner only shows the approximate average monthly searches.

On the other hand, KWFinder can display the exact number of searches. This is one o the significant difference between the two.

Diving into the dashboard | KWFinder Promo Code

To use the KWFinder firstly, you need to write the keyword you desire to search for which is going to be the basis of your keyword suggestions. After you click “find keywords button” you are displayed numerous options.
Let us get a closer look at these optioned displayed on the dashboard of KWFinder. .Once we type a keyword, we Kwfinder displays us the following metrics. Let us understand what these metrics mean:

  • Trend : trend shows us the searches past the 12 months.
  • Search : it shows us the average monthly searches of the keyword we typed in.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) : It is the cost you pay per click. This term is usually linked to the advertisements
  • Pay per click (PPC) : It is the fee or amount paid when an ad is clicked.
  • DIFF : it shows the keyword SEO difficulty.

All these metrics are displayed in the upper hand panel of the page. The lower half displays these metrics:

Google SERP → it shows the first page results of the selected keyword from Google search.

DA (Domain Authority) → it predicts that how good a website will be ranked on the various search engines.

PA (Page Authority) → it is same as the domain authority with the slight difference that it will predict how good a page will be ranked on the search engines.

MR (MozRank) → of the URL primarily represents a link popularity score which shows the importance given to various websites on the internet

MT (MozTrust) → It is same as mozrank, but the with the difference that it measures the trustworthiness of the site instead of measuring the popularity separates the two.

Links it finds out the external authority passing links to the URL

FB → this shows the number of times the URL has been shared on Facebook

LPS → it calculates the SEO competitiveness rank which when is higher it becomes difficult to compete

Est. Visits → it estimate the number of visits per month on the SERP position

If we look closely at this picture, we will be able to find all these metrics which exist in the upper hand and the lower hand panels on the dashboard.

Its performance for traditional keyword research is impressive as it allows you to plug-in the seed keyword which produces a list of related keyword suggestions and also gives your various other options if you want a different mix of results. Also, it quickly evaluates the overall difficulty of any keyword suggestion with the use of its built-in SERP analysis or the keyword difficulty score. At last, it allows you to modify the results as per your requirements which you can do using the various filters.

KWFinder Support | KWFinder Review

With the growing use of such tools, it becomes very important to have a great support system so that the user can find solutions to the problems or overcome any difficulty they are facing. KWfinder has stood out in this department by providing excellent support services. KWfinder delivers outstanding support options which include regularly updated blogs, email support and even live chat. These services are quite easy to use.

KWFinder Coupon Code

We provide you with a unique KWFinder discount coupon which you can use to avail the mentioned discount. It is straightforward to apply this coupon you just need to add the code at the time of the payment, make sure that before making the final amount the price was reduced to ensure that the coupon has been applied rightly.


To sum it all, it can be concluded that KWFinder is an impressive keyword research tool that will surely help you in your purpose. The interface is straightforward and simple, and it efficiently performs the task for which it is created.

Even though KWFinder is an impressive tool, it is not perfect it comes with its pros and cons.

Pros of KWFinder

• It provides reliable data aggregation for keyword analysis.
• It is a fast and user-friendly tool to use: the availability of an intuitive UI makes it very easy to use by the beginners as well as the experienced.
• It is a highly reliable tool and performs its functions efficiently
• It is not a very expensive tool and is somewhat reasonable in its pricing: the pricing of KWFinder is very cheap in comparison to its competitors, which makes it a more optimal buy.
• It provides multiple research options for you keyword you mentioned giving you unique keyword opportunities.
• It is a highly compatible tool because of its web-based applicability: the fact that it is a web-based tool makes it overcome various computability issues.
• It calculates the exact score: unlike its competitors, you can get the precise keyword search score.
• Quickly discover the level of difficulty of a keyword: this is the most popular feature of the KWFinder which enables the user to calculate a single keyword score for any keyword.

Cons of KWFinder

• The various keyword results we are given are capped which further affects the import feature
• It does not support a multi-tabbed keyword research
• If you are a competitor researcher, this tool is not ideal for you
• There are potentially strict request limitations for the users with heavy work
• The SERP checker cannot be customized and needs to be opened in a separate window
• Some of the keyword difficulty scores may not be displayed automatically

Despite its cons, it comes out to be a terrific research tool, and we recommend to buy it as soon as possible and also don’t forget to use our KWFinder Discount Coupon.

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