Microsoft MCSA 70-697 Certification Exam- The Stepping Stone Towards Success

Microsoft is one of the top companies in the whole world. They create and supply a huge number of services and products to the users across the world. Most of the people who enter the IT world want to work with Microsoft in some way or another. This company has shaped the future of a lot of individuals and continues to do so. Microsoft certifications are some of the most asked for certifications that are required in most of the companies. If you are an IT professional, you need to make sure that you have some really important Microsoft certifications that will give a boost to your career.

If you are someone who is in the field of configuration and maintenance of Windows, most important certifications for you is MCSA: Windows 10 certification. This certification is required in many companies that operate on Microsoft systems across the world.

If you want to get MCSA: Windows 10 certification and are planning to sit for 70-697 Configuring Windows Devices exam, you will need the following information. In this article, we will also discuss the best ways in that you can prepare for 70-697 exam and score a good percentage.

What is Microsoft 70-697 Certification Exam?

Microsoft 70-697 certification exam is a test for the candidates to test their practical and theoretical skills in managing all the windows devices. The candidates are tested on a variety of factors. Windows devices include Windows computers, laptops, mobiles and tablets. The candidate who has a thorough knowledge of each of these subjects will only succeed in getting MCSA: Windows 10 certification.

What are the Eligibility Criteria?

Microsoft 70-697 certification exam does not require you to have any special certificates or educational qualification. The students must have 18 year of age or older to be eligible for 70-697 exam. However, it is good if the candidate already has some other certificates that are associated with Windows 10 so that they can have a better understanding of all the topics.

Who Should PassConfiguring Windows Devices 70-697 Exam?

The candidates who should opt for Microsoft 70-697 exam are the Windows device system administrators, support technicians and other people who are responsible for the setting up and configuration of the windows. Furthermore, the candidates who have some experience in the Windows desktop management troubleshooting, maintenance and other such areas are also suitable for 70-697.

What Are the Fee and Validity?

The candidates have to pay $165 USD to take Microsoft 70-697 exam. The fee for this exam can vary from region to region depending on the currency. Additionally, the candidates who want to give the exam again have to register again and pay the fee every time. There is a special concession for the people who are associated with Microsoft including employees, partners and companies sponsored by Microsoft.

What Is the Pattern of 70-697 Exam?

The candidates will be given 50-60 questions that they have to solve within 2 hours. 70-697 exam is all objective type questions that have to be solved on the computer. It should be noted that the number of questions that will come in 70-697 exam are not fixed and can change every time. The time for solving these questions will also change with the change in the question pattern.

How Should You Prepare for 70-697E xam?

The students can employ multiple strategies like using the Microsoft MCSA 70-697 Practice Test exam. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

  • Self-study is one of best for the students who do not have a lot of time and want to prepare at their speed. There are numerous books available in the market for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate 70-697 certification exam that can be bought. You can also download the book PDFs online and read them in your own time.
  • If you have a little more time and can invest in some online courses, you can easily join an online course and get the study material along with some lectures and practice tests from there.
  • If you can devote your entire time to the preparation, you can go for the instructor lead training and get guided by some of the best instructors who will help you gain all the knowledge about the topic.

The students can also get some free study material from various online portals. You can use the free study material from the online websites and add it to the other material for a better preparation.

Some Important Points to Consider

How to pass the Microsoft 70-697 exam? There are a few things every student needs to consider while preparing for Microsoft 70-697 exam:

  • Practice papers are the best way to score high marks in the Microsoft 70-697 certification exam. Make a habit of solving the practice paper every week in the initial days of the preparation and every day as the exams come near.
  • Stay assured you do not fall for the scam website that can give you the wrong information on the exam study material.
  • The students should also only register for the exam when they know that their preparation is foolproof and they will succeed.
  • Always try to have practical knowledge of the subject before giving the exam. Many of the questions asked are a combination of the practical and the theoretical aspects combined together. The fact that the people with experience score much higher than the beginners are that they have good practical knowledge.

With these points in mind, it will not be difficult for you to score high in 70-697 exam.

With Microsoft MCSA: Windows 10 certification, a person can have a lot of job opportunities. This certificate will lead you stand out in the crowd and also help you with the promotions that you could not get before. For the people who own their own business, this certification will add to your portfolio and also lead to better services for your customer. The only thing candidates need to make sure is studied for the exam in a way that you get all the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject at hand.

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