How to Fix Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10

I am trying to open a program on my Windows PC and seeing an error – “Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10” every time.


Well, this is embarrassing!

I have to find out — “what may be the cause?” and “how to solve it out?”

Let’s read this guide throughly – to what I did to fix this issue quickly.

Recently, Windows 10 saw an incredible activation rate at 75 Million activation’s in the first month of its release!

Although there are 75 million, Windows is not proven perfect, and today you might be a victim of some sudden windows error, like — “Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10” No worries, I will discuss the reasons for this error and will guide you to fix this issue in minutes, yourself.

What is Msvcp100.dll is Missing Error?

The msvcp100.dll is a dll (Dynamic Linking Directory) file on which several Windows Programmes relies and it’s linked to some particular files that are essential for the Operating System to run properly.

If the same DLL file mscvcp100.dll file is deleted, not found, missing from its parent directory, or corrupted by the intrusion of a Virus — your operating shows the error screen as mentioned in the next Steps.

What is Causing this Problem?

There are several reasons for ‘Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10‘ and some of them are listed as below because it’s not the same every time.

Often, the MSVCP100.dll error message comes when your Windows Registry is also altered by a Trojan or Malware file – this may indicate a glitch or failure in your hardware of PC as well.

The MSVCP100.DLL is an associated file of Microsoft Visual C++ and is required by some applications  – which were made with Visual C++ for Windows OS.

Most commonly this particular DLL file is often needed by many games, software, widgets and if your PC doesn’t have the MSVCP100.dll intact or any glitches present, then you will frequently face the above error.

Of course, this can be resolved by following this guide. The first ever step by copying the MSVCP100.dll from Windows folder to games folder or reinstalling the program.


…if you aren’t a tech-savvy, then let’s see how I Fixed Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 or not found error with the below-mentioned Step-by-step troubleshooting guide.

You might experience a .dll missing error “msvcp100.dll” when:

  • you are starting your Windows
  • or even when you are shutting it down
  • While a particular program is being installed or used,
  • or maybe even when you are installing a new Windows.

So, the solution is to find out when the issue is appearing exactly and which file is triggering the problem. You have to identify these factors by troubleshooting the steps when the msvcp100.dll error is coming.

Rest assured! I will help you to repair that fault step-by-step – in this guide.

Do you know other Operating Systems like – Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows XP can also encounter the same error?

Think – which operating system you are using now!

The error message shown on your screen may vary from time to time and PC to PC. Find which one is your case – from the list below.

Some similar error messages are like these:

Various Error Messages

  • – Msvcp100.dll Not Found
  • – The file msvcp100.dll is missing.
  • – Cannot find [PATH]\msvcp100.dll

– Cannot start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: msvcp100.dll. Please install [APPLICATION] again.

Fixed Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10

There are 8-10 easy-to-follow methods you can apply to work around this Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 issue quickly. I have explained each them step-by-step. Now, read thoroughly!

Method 1: Make Sure Msvcr100.dll Accidentally Was Not Deleted:

You must be familiar with one of the most common mistakes what we tend to do is – may you have pressed the Delete Key while the msvcp100.dll file selected inadvertently. Isn’t?

Check your ‘Recycle Bin’ so that you can identify any of your accidental deletes performed earlier, by mistake.

How to do?

– Go to Recycle Bin

– Look for any msvcp100.dll then Right-click and Choose Restore.

– Restart your PC to see if working or not.

Method 2: Copy or Download the MSVCP100.dll file

Do you have another PC running the same OS?

If yes, then you can copy that same DLL file from any other PC using a USB Flash Drive and Paste it on your Victim Programme where the msvcp100.dll was present before.

  1. Go to the following path:


  1. In the System32 folder, find MSVCP100.dll then Press Ctrl + C
  2. Navigate to the game/application folder then right-click in an empty area and Press Ctrl + V.
  3. Re-open the program/game to check whether it is giving the error again or not.


If not…

…then You can download the DLL file from any verified source that is 100% trusted and secured. You should look for an unmodified, unaltered and clean copy of the DLL file. Then do the same method as above.

Try to refrain from downloading msvcp100.dll from any third-party “DLL download” provider websites – doing this you are putting yourself at risk.

Note: The msvcp100.dll is connected with most of the Windows Programmes – this may affect your windows to stop the booting process. So, you should Start your windows PC in Safe Mode for faster results and better security.

Method 3: Use The SFC Command To Fix Corrupt Or Missing Files

 1) Press the Windows Key + X


2) Then Right Click on Command Prompt and Run as Administrator

3) In the Command Prompt Pop-up Window, type sfc /scannow > Press Enter


4) You have to Wait for the process to finish and restart your Computer after its completion.

5) Now, follow the same steps and run CHKDSK on the same window – to fix any File System Errors.

6) After the process is 100% complete, reboot your PC to save changes.

Method 4: SFC Command Failed? Run DISM.exe!

  1. Press Windows Key + X > then run Command Prompt as Administrator.


  1. Enter the following lines in Command Prompt window (Note: Remember to hit enter after each one line
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth


  1. Give some time to complete the DISM command wait until it finishes the process.


  1. Now, Reboot your PC to save changes, and this should Fix “MSVCP100.dll is missing or not found’ error.

Method 5: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Package MFC Security Update

 You need to know that — performing this approach will download a fresh and latest copy of the msvcp100.dll file – ingeniously provided by Microsoft. And will completely replace/restore the existing msvcp100.dll from your PC.

There are two different versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Package MFC Security Update


– First, uninstall all the installed versions of MS Visual C++ Redist. packages.

– then move down to the steps below…


You can the necessary files download from the official link:

32 bits version:

64bits version:

You have to Download and install both of the version – (32-bit) x86 and (64-bit) x64. If you find a pop-up message showing that the versions are already installed, then instead choose the repair option.

You have to restart the system once the repair or installation is complete.

If further MSVCP errors pop up in your system then you should follow the exact steps for other versions of Visual C++ via the Official Microsoft website:


Method 6: Install (Latest) Windows Updates

Additionally, this is another way to resolve the msvcp100 dll error as well as it helps you fix the issue at the first attempt.

Go to Control Panel > Security updates > Check for any latest Updates and Click Install.

Wait until the completion and restart your PC.

Method 7: Perform a System Restore

If your files are messed, you should try applying a System Restore.


This will undo any recent changes made to the Programmer data as well as replaces the OEM files.


By doing this, it will rollback the necessary system files to a previous version which may include msvcp100.dll errors that might have caused by changes to these types of operating system files.


Method 8: Use an Antivirus/Malware Scan.

 Have you installed any Programmes recently?


Did you notice any abnormal actions being performed by your PC automatically?

As discussed previously, there are some possible cases that your msvcp100.dll file is affected by a Trojan or Virus infection. Make sure the file is not being used by the Malware. Identify currently active Programmes from Task-manager – hit CTRL+ALT+DEL to open and diagnose.

Finally, Perform a deep scan of using your Antivirus Programme and check whether the error is fixed.

Method 9: Reinstall the Game or Program.

Seems like facing the issue after installing a game, software?

If you think, this error is recent and may be due to a particular application; you should try reinstalling it. There are chances that it will fix the errors if the previous installations were done incompletely.

Method 10: Run CCleaner and Malwarebytes

Since CCleaner is well known for its Real-time Junk Monitoring and fixing a lot of Registry errors. This may help you to fix your registry errors if any.

Another option – If you are obsessed using the traditional antivirus programs, then you shroud install the Malwarebytes Fee Trial to ensure yourself that your msvcp100.dll file is not affected by any malware. If so, then Malwarebytes will fix the issue in no time.

Method 11: Repair the Windows 10 Installation

If some of the system files are affected permanently, then the last option is to Install a Fresh copy of your operating system. This will drop the latest copy of msvcp100.dll on its relevant directory.


How to Fix Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 [Video]

Watch the Complete Steps mentioned in the following Video

What if the Problem is Still Not Fixed?

You have to run Tests on your memory and then test your hard drive using this guide.

Important: If any of the hardware tests fail, and still the issue persists, you should be most likely to replace the memory (RAM) or the current Hard-disk ASAP to ensure smooth operations.


Finally, try some alternatives to fix the problem.

Try diagnosing your PC’s internal cables which are used to connect your Hard Drives, Memory Chips, and other powering equipment. Therefore, it may ensure the final test whether your PC has a stable hardware health or not. If you find any loose connection, try reconnecting it to check the msvcp100.dll not found issue fixed.

That’s it. If my guide has helped you successfully Fix Msvcp100.dll is Missing in Windows 10 or not found error or if you still need any assistance regarding this guide then feel free to ask them below.

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