Root Explorer APK

Root explorer is an Root Explorer APK which is used for managing the rooted mobile device. In today’s application market it is the best and most useful file manager for root users. The basic use of this application is that it is used for accessing the whole android file system which includes the secured one application.

In today’s market, there are many sites which provide you the modified version of root explorer which can cause a problem or malfunction your smartphone. So I will suggest you download the apk of root explorer only from the official website and for any caused by the modified version of root explorer we won’t be responsible. So download the modified version on your own responsibility.

Root Explorer APK ~ Main Features of Root Explorer :

  • By using root explorer you can manage and open the internal system files of the Android system and can modify the files, which you are unable to do with the stock file manager.
  • This app which provides you access to the hidden content in android for security purposes like the game data and you can modify according to your need.
  • In root explorer, you can open multiple numbers of tabs like in web browser you open multiple tabs.
  • The most exciting feature of root explorer is that you can use google drive and Dropbox for online storage.
  • It also has features like database viewer, unmounting files and many more other features are there in root explorer.


The requirement to run this application on your smart device is that the Android version should be higher than 2.2 and 4mb of free space in your device.

For using this app completely you need to root your smartphone and information related to how to root your smartphone is provided below.

Rooting your Device ~ Root Explorer APK Download Free

The most important thing so that you can use root explorer is a rooted device. So here we will guide you through the whole process of rooting your device. There are various through which you can root your android device easily.

  • You can use any direct root application for rooting your device, which is available on the internet
  • Some of them are Framaroot apk, iroot or Towelroot apk
  • You can download this app directly from their respective websites
  • After downloading you just have to install it through your file manager
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can run the application just by taping on the app icon
  • After opening the app click on root your device option and select the basic option of rooting
  • Ensure that your phone is a full charge or have a charge more than 50% for safer side, otherwise, you have to suffer from data loss or sometime Damaging the OS your android device
  • After the process is completed reboot your device
  • Done

Now enjoy full root access and root explorer application on your device.

How to use Root Explorer for Hacking Games?

  • First, download the application from here and then install the apk on your device.
  • It is unable to install then in setting you will get the option to enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Now just open the application. After that select data folder and then go to next data folder.
  • Now find the folder of your game which you want to hack and then in the game folder select shares_prefs.
  • Now find the game-name.XML It means that the name of game which you want to hack in XML format.
  • After finding that you have to edit and there are different values or code for different games.
  • Save the files and enjoy the game.

There is a various version of root explorer which are available on the internet some of them I will explain that what is new in this version and bugs related to the version which is mentioned below.

Version 4.1.8

It is the new and updated version of root explorer and problems like the problem of moving the file to sd card from internal storage and crashing of the application is also fixed in this version of root explorer.

Version 4.1.6

It is the older version of root explorer in this version problems like file replacement in Dropbox, accessing SMB servers and many performances related problems are resolved in this version of root explorer.

Version 4.1.4

In this version, you will get updated dropbox code and from this version of root explorer problem related to Dropbox is resolved.

Some FAQs related to root explorer

Q1. Is it safe to use Root Explorer?

Ans. It totally depends on the usage of the app it may sometimes cause damages to the data and the game if you changed the file settings incorrectly. In this, there are many features that you should not know and without having any prior knowledge you should use the only feature that you have knowledge about it.

Q2.  Will Game Developer will Ban my Account if he Finds that I am Using Root Explorer?

Ans. Root Explorer is an app which is designed in such a way that any game developer will won’t know about the app and root explorer does not leave a single evidence and in any circumstances, you will not be banned by any game developer.

Q3.  Which Games and Apps are Supported?

Ans. In this basically it hacks the offline servers and you can only change the data of the offline games no online or servers games are supported by root explorer and if they find that you are using this app in an online game they may suspend your account permanently. All the offline apps are supported by root explorer.

These are some FAQs which everyone wants to know.

This app is very good if you use the app correctly and follow the steps correctly then it will work and will not cause any issues and if you use the app in an incorrect manner or does not follow the steps then it may cause the problem to game or app. So you must have prior knowledge of this app to get the most out of it without any problem.

In this post, I have provided you the whole process, how to install and download the root explorer app. This post will help you in an efficient manner and get most out of it without causing any problem to your device or smartphone, by reading this post you will find it easy to install and run the app easily without having any prior technical knowledge. In this post I have provided you with the Root Explorer APK application and it is hundred percent secure and easy to download, you just have to click the download button icon and it will start downloading into your device and then you have to open the application and install window will appear and just click on the install button and it will start installing on your smartphone and I will guarantee you it is hundred percent genuine and secure, and it will work perfectly on your device if you followed the above-mentioned steps in which I have guided you how to run and use this application and to the necessary things before running the application on your smartphone.

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