Fix “The Requested Operation Requires Elevation” on Windows

It is an error mainly occurs in Windows user error is like that “ The Requested Operation Requires Elevation ” when we are trying to opening the files from the external hard drive or hard disk we say. It is really annoying that when you don’t know what is this error or how to fix it or you have more important work or but it gives a big problem but here in this article we discuss the error and trying to fix or I mean we definitely Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevation now. It is fix by following steps which is give below you goes through that simple and easy steps and got the result with a simple solution we provides you a Screenshots.

The Requested Operation Requires Elevation Fixed

“ The Requested Operation Requires Elevation ” it means that in order to open the file you will need the elevated permission of a local administrator to take ownership and access. Here we can change the ownership of the external hard drive or disk to fix the problem.


  • Login in computer with administrator.
  • Locate your External Hard Drive
  • It is in the folder named Computer/My Computer/This PC different windows operating System.
  • Right click on the External Hard Drive
  • Then click on the Properties.
  • On the Properties of windows, view on Security tab and click on the
  • Then tap on the Owner panel and then click on Edit.


  • Choose the user what you want to set as the owner of that file.
  • Then check on Replace the owner on sub containers and objects.
  • Click on OK button to save the settings.



This is not a such big problem but if you don’t know how to Fix The Requested Operation Requires Elevationthen it is a big problem if you have an patience to see and fix error then you definitely get the idea to fix but it is in some user but some of of them loose that or search it on web to fix that so we are here you use these steps. By this following easy and simple steps we are getting success to fix this error so here we are so happy to fix that we are always there for you to fix new more problems of you guys if you like this article so please give a good feedback to us. Thank you

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