UkTvNow APK Download

UkTvNow APK Download is one of the best Android applications for streaming TV on Smartphone, Firestick and PC. This app has become popular with its release due to best features and commendable services. It allows you watch more than 150 channels from almost 10 countries including India, Spain, Pakistan, Germany, United States, France, United Kingdom and more. These channels are further divided into various categories like Entertainment, Kids, news, Movies and others. You can filter the channels on the basis of these categories as well as country. Moreover it is friendly user interface which means it is easy to handle and use. These features have attracted millions of users towards this application and they are using it in their devices without any hurdle. If you also want to take advantage of this app then download it immediately in your device.

UkTVNow APK Download

The technology is developing with time and people have fond of the portable devices. Well it is not possible to take your TV sets with you every time and everywhere but you can watch the TV shows and channels anywhere you go. This is possible with the help of Live streaming applications like UKTVNow. There are many applications which facilitates in watching the TV channels of the world at one place but UkTVNow is better than them in many aspects. You can stream videos without ads and can set an alert for your favorite show or matches. Moreover it allows you to make list of your favorite channels so that you can watch the channels immediately selecting from the list. And we know that after reading the features of this app you will surely want to download it. If you have no idea about using this application then do not worry as we are sharing the details for downloading, installing and using the UkTvNow APK file this article.

UkTvNow Latest Version

UkTVNow is a well known name for the people who are fond of watching TV online. Now nobody wants to stick with their Television sets. Instead they use the applications which allow them to stream live videos on their devices. So the popularity of UkTvNow APK has increased a lot from the last year and this portable TV partner has made many fans because of the better video quality. The company regularly launches updates for this application. And recently a new update of this application was released for the users. Here are some of the fixes that are made in latest version of UkTVNow.

UkTvNow Latest Version and Fixes

  • Better device compatibility
  • Become more user friendly
  • Improved Audio-Video quality

UkTVNow APK Download

UkTVNow is compatible with various devices including Smartphone with Android OS, PC, Firestick and Kodi. The methods for downloading this app in these devices are different. This app is specially designed for Android and direct link for installing the app in these devices is easily available. But for using this application in other devices you will require to follow some tricks which are given appropriately in our other posts. Here we are going to tell you about installing UkTvNow APK in Android devices.

How to download and Install UkTVNow apk on Android

Download UkTvNow APK for free from our site. We are offering the free download link of this application for our users. There are many live streaming apps which come with malicious files can harm your devices. We know that some of the people feel unsecure in downloading the application from unknown sources or third party. But UkTVNow is the safest app you will ever get on internet. Many people are using this app from long time and haven’t faced any kind of difficulty. You can download this app from the link given below. And if you do not know how o install UkTVnow then here is the complete guide for you.

  • Enable Unknown Sources

The first thing you must do before installing the UkTVnow app is to enable the third party installation. Well Android OS restrict the third party installation by default. And you will need to change some settings in your device in order to install the app in your device. But make sure to disable it again after installation is complete. You can follow these simple steps to enable the unknown sources in your device settings.

  1. Open the Settings in your android device
  2. Search and select the Security and Privacy option from the list
  3. Unknown sources option will appear on your screen and is disabled by default.
  4. Enable the unknown sources and click on agree button when popup appear on your screen.
  • Install UKTVNow apk

After enabling the third party installation, you can download and install UktVnow on your device easily. We have shared the download link with the steps to install this app in your device. So let’s explore the steps

  1. Download the UKTVNow apk file from here
  2. This process will take a while and when the app is installed in your device then click on the downloaded file to install the application.
  3. Select the install button from the window appearing on your screen
  4. Once the installation is complete, launch the application (and if you do not want to open it immediately then click on done option).

Now your application is ready for use. You can filter the channels or save them to your favorites, watch the videos in HD quality for free and many more.

How to watch Live sports on UkTVNow

Everyone likes to watch tournaments of various sports. Well it is quite difficult to watch the match if you are away from your home. But UkTVNow will show you HD quality video of these matches. You can also set the alert to watch these matches when they start. This will notify you even if your internet is connected with your device. In this way, you will not miss your favorite team’s match. If you do not know how to watch sports channels or tournaments on UkTVNow then here is a quick guide for you to set alert, watch match or schedule videos to watch the later.

  1. Open UKTVNow app and click on Menu<Schedule option
  2. A list of matches with live and scheduled label will appear on screen.
  3. Matches with Live label are running live and you can watch them.
  4. Stream the matches by clicking on down arrow and selecting the channel of your choice.
  5. Also you can filter the sports channels on the basis of various categories including boxing, cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis, and more.
  6. Tick on the alert checkbox of the match you wish to watch when it will start. You will get the notification of the match when it begins.

The details of match like name of the match, date and time will also be given in the list. You can watch a single match on various channels which are streaming that match.

Why UKTVNow app is best?

UKTVNow is best app because it offers various services which are not available on other applications. It is easy to use application and users have given good reviews in terms of functionality. People always want an application on which they can watch their favorite shows anywhere and anytime whiteout any restriction. You will find ads in other applications while streaming your videos but this is not happen with UkTVNow. Here are some of the best features which make this application better than others.

UkTVNow Features

  • Filter the channels : This app provides the feature to search the channels on the basis of the categories and the countries. For selecting the country click on the globe icon given on top right corner of the screen. And if you wish to filter the channels on the basis of its genre then click on the menu option and select the category of your choice. The list of channels will be on your screen and you just need to click on the channel of your choice to start streaming.
  • EPG and Related Videos : This app shows the EPG list of the shows just like your TV sets. Also the videos related to your current running video will appear on the bottom of screen.
  • Change Video Player : You can select the video player of your choice. You can select the external player to play the videos. This feature is rarely available in other applications.
  • Free Registration and Use : You do not require registering yourself on the app for using its services. This is absolutely free of cost and you can sue it without any hurdle.
  • Multiple Sources : it follows the concept of multiple links for single channels so that users will get uninterrupted videos in HD quality at the time of heavy traffic on particular channels. This feature reduces the load on the app’s server and you get video with clarity and least buffering time.
  • Instant Buffering : The videos take less buffering time which means you do not need to wait for loading of your favorite videos and can watch them instantly.
  • HD Videos : all the videos are in HD quality which is not easily found on other applications. But the good connectivity with Wi-Fi or internet is required.

These features make this application a very useful thing for today’s generation who do not want to sit at one place for hours to watch the shows. In addition to these features, you can schedule the videos to watch them later. When you will open these videos then you do need to wait for buffering and your video will start instantly. Also you can create the list of your favorite channels so that you can select them immediately from the list rather than searching it.


This is the amazing live streaming application we have seen on internet. People are getting attracted to this application due to its services. Also we have told you in this article about the best features of this application which makes it more valuable. There are few disadvantages of this app which includes are non availability for iOS devices and you cannot download it from Google play.  But you can easily install it from the link shared by us in this article. It is safe application which you can download in your device without thinking much. Well it is not easy to find the application which allows you to browse more than 150 channels from various countries. So UkTvNow APK Download this application for better live video streaming experience.

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