Vaporizer Basics: Types of Cannabis Vaporizers

A vaporizer is mostly sought today because of its portability, efficiency, and flexibility. It is an electronic device which is also called ‘Hot Air Generator”. A vaporizer is used for different purposes like inhalation of dry herbs such as lavender, wild mint, tobacco, or cannabis and essential oils for aromatherapy. We are fortunate because there are many brands of vaporizers and pen vapes in the market today such as Atmos Pen Vapes, and it’s important to know the different types of cannabis vaporizers so you can fully enjoy taking your favorite herb for an ultimate vaping experience.

Vaping is the ultimate choice of medical cannabis users and recreational users because it is healthier than traditional smoking or rolling of joint. Tobacco or cigarette smoking produces harmful chemicals, about 4,000 of them, causing lung cancer and other medical conditions. Even smoking cannabis results in the production of ash that is also harmful to your health. It’s a good thing that vaping offers different options. Let’s check them out!


Categories of Weed Vaporizers

When it comes to the types of cannabis vaporizers, they include Portable Vaporizers, Desktop Vaporizers, and Vape Pens. These are ranked differently catering to different activities or lifestyles. Vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking, and many people acknowledge the fact that smoking is a real danger to one’s health. You’re probably looking for answers why there are so many types, features, and specs of vaporizers, so allow us to shed light on your queries and concerns. These types of vaporizers may have some similarities and the difference may differ from their design, features, and performance.


  1. Portable Vaporizers

Portable weed vaporizers are small discreet and easy to carry. The charge time for weed portable vaporizers is between 2 to 4 hours lasting up to 5 to 10 hours depending on the model and usage. Because they’re more equipped with smaller bowls or chamber, they are perfect for on-the-go vaping. They have varying temperature settings so you can enjoy taking the flavor you wish. Portable vaporizers can be used with oil, concentrates, and dry herb.

Unlike desktop weed vaporizers, portable weed vaporizers are hand-held and come in smaller sizes which are perfect for hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities. If you are an outdoor person who loves traveling and sports activities, portable vaporizers are the best for you. Portable vaping devices are compact. Although they are not as compact and lightweight as vape pens, they come in various shapes like square, rectangle, and round shape.

Portable vaporizers are unique and they are the popular choice for those who want stealth vaping. You’ll be surprised shopping around because there are portable vaporizers specifically designed like flasks, asthma inhalers, and walkie-talkies. Another difference of portable vapes from vape pens is the plenty of room for additional features. Some portable vapes feature compatible mobile application, allowing the user to operate the device using a smartphone.


  1. Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop or tabletop vaporizers usually come in bulk and big sizes. These are plug-in vaping units that is the best use at home. These are more expensive than vape pens and portable vaporizers, and you wouldn’t want to carry this around because of their bigger sizes. They are very powerful and mostly used by pot buddies or groups of people vaping for recreational or medical purposes.


Desktop weed vaporizers work well for hardcore vapers. If you want more vapor quality more than what you can get from vape pens and portable vapes, then a desktop weed vaporizer is for you. We cannot discount the fact that the price range of desktop vaporizers are expensive which is compensated by excellent vapor, making all worth it. The primary objective of using desktop vaporizers is to deliver a superior performance with richer and full flavor as opposed to discretion and portability. There are many brands of vaporizers that feature balloon style or whip style, and many users find them very reliable in terms of power, performance, and ultimate vaping experience.


Desktop vaporizers are stationary and come in larger in sizes. They need to be plugged into an electricity or power source. They are specially equipped with bigger bowls and chambers for storing more concentrates, dry herbs, or oil so you can get the desired flavor with varying temperature settings. If you want a smooth quality and flavorful vapor, desktop vaporizers are suitable for you. These are perfect for flavor enthusiasts or medical patients who need to stay medicated the entire day.


  1. Pen Type Vaporizers

Vape pens or pen type vaporizers are specifically designed lightweight and compact in a pen-like form. They are ideal for people who want vaping discreetly while on-the-go. For instance, Atmos Pen Vapes are most sought because of their affordability and portability, perfect for cannabis vaping. Vape pens are usually disposable and refillable models. Vaporizer pens have components including atomizers and batteries, and many have safety features and pre-set temperatures. Atomizers are used to heat up the desired material with a mouthpiece that comes in various sizes and shapes. You’ll find remarkable vaporizers, like Atmos Pen Vapes, that are good quality and durable for everyday use.

A pen-type vaporizer may not produce very good vapor quality like what desktop vaporizers and portable cannabis vaporizers do, but they’re excellent in keeping every vaping habit discreet. They need to be charged because they are battery-powered. Some top companies designing high-quality vaporizer pens include Atmos, Cloud Pen, KandyPens, and Dr. Dabber. You’ll find Atmos Dabber Kit Pen Vape For Sale online at great prices! They are battery-powered and used for concentrates and oils. Because of their sleek design, they are like pens which are great for discretion and portability.


Vaporizing is the best method to administer cannabis dry herb, oil, and concentrate. Whatever type of vaporizer you need, you can always count on the best brands, offering great quality, performance, and overall design. Your needs, personal preference, and lifestyle are the most important factors when choosing the best type of cannabis vaporizer or vape for you.

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