7 Essential Security Downloads You MUST Have

A dependable antivirus is imperative for your internet-connected PC. You can also boost the protection of your PC with additional security software. Your ideal security software should be able to secure your PC from malware. Moreover, it should be able to scan your PC in real-time to avoid infections. Most essential security downloads can identify and get rid of malicious software the moment your PC begins behaving strangely.

Essential Security Downloads You MUST Have

Dependable security downloads can also help protect your sensitive data. Criminals target online accounts all the time, but with the best security software, you can have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive data is safe. Here are essential security downloads to install:


  1. AVG Anti-Virus (Windows)

AVG is one of the best anti-virus programs today. This anti-virus program checks viruses in real-time to ensure that your PC stays protected all the time. Additionally, it has automatic daily updates. It also scans your outgoing as well as incoming emails thoroughly for viruses. Other important features include: the ability to remove monitoring cookies from your browsers, and scanning search results. The anti-virus program can also warn you about dangerous links.

  1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Windows)

Users love this anti-malware application for its effectiveness. In addition to being effective, Malwarebytes has some awesome features and is user-friendly. At the moment, this security download has more than four million downloads and is ranked among the best security software downloads. Going by the thousands of reviews and user ratings online, this software is pretty good.

  1. Spyware Terminator (Windows)

This security software acts as a perfect tool for spyware removal. The best thing about Spyware Terminator is that it is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need any technical expertise to set up and personalize this program. Another important feature is its ‘Real-Time Shield’. This security feature runs silently in your PC’s background and provides protection against a broad range of threats. You can easily schedule quick spyware scans as well as automatic updates to make sure your PC stays clean.

  1. Comodo Firewall Pro (Windows)

Comodo Firewall Pro has the right tools for PC safeguarding. It blocks unauthorized people from accessing your computer. Additionally, it blocks locally installed programs from transferring your data to unauthorized users.

On average, this Firewall is about 3.2 MB making it one of the lightest Firewalls available. Since Comodo monitors connections in real-time, it is able to detect unauthorized connections and immediately alert you. Most of the time, Comodo provides accurate advice on how to respond to alerts. More importantly, this Firewall has a special feature known as Defense + Host Intrusion Prevention System, which secures your PC further.

  1. NoScript – Firefox

NoScript is a well-known Firefox addon that secures your web browsing by blocking things that have the potential to harm your PC. Some of the things blocked by NoScript include Java, Flash, and JavaScript.

Although NoScript is a perfect addon, it continually asks you to add websites to a ‘trusted websites’ list, and this can be annoying. For example, after you’ve installed NoScript and visit a site like Youtube, the videos will not load until YouTube is added to ‘trusted websites’ list. Nonetheless, adding websites to the ‘trusted websites’ list is easy. Visit FAQ page for all your NoScript-related issues.

  1. LastPass (Internet Explorer/ Firefox)

LastPass is a wonderful password manager vault. Unlike the inbuilt password managers of Firefox and Internet Explorer, LastPass Vault encrypts your data. Encrypted login information is securely stored in the password manager’s server and can only be accessed from your browser. You can also access your encrypted login information from web-enabled computers that have LastPass Vault installed.

Installation and setup take approximately one minute. Once the setup is complete, you are free to add your accounts by visiting websites and login as usual. LastPass will remember your login details and you won’t need to provide them again.

The only password you’ll need to remember is that of your LastPass account. Every time you restart your browser, you will be asked to provide your LastPass password. Other incredible LastPass characteristics include password generator, ability to access sensitive details of your account from several computers, and automatic online form filling.

  1. Web Of Trust (WOT) – Firefox

WOT warns users about unsafe sites and ensures they don’t visit them. Unsafe sites are those sites that send spam, deliver malware, and are full of scam visitors. This Firefox add on has color-coded icons that show the ratings of more than twenty-one million sites. Red safety icons are for stop, yellow for caution, and green for safe.


The best security software will help protect your computer from threats. Viruses won’t be able to damage your files and your sensitive data will stay safe from hackers. In addition to being free, most of these securities software are easy to use and don’t require professional assistance to set up.

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