Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100

With the life becoming more and more busy everyone now needs some time in which they can cut off from the world and enjoy solitude , the easiest method to achieve this is by listening music; music which is free from any noise. Thus, people are now keen on buying the noise cancelling headphones, which is useful for various other purposes. There are number of active noise cancelling headphones available in the market, but most of them fail to cancel any noise and are not able to perform true to their specifications. Therefore it becomes very important to analyze the various products before buying them. The various features or aspects one should look into before buying a Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100 are:

Things to consider before buying a Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100

There are various things are features than one should look into before buying a Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100.

  • Audio Quality : If you are planning to buy a Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100 should find a headphone with a good audio quality that should allow optimal cancellation up to 70% .the over sound quality has to be above average and pleasant.
  • Comfort : The noise cancelling headphones cut you off from the world and brings you solitude, so only those headphones which are highly comfortable and can be worn for long hours should be considered, especially the ear cups should be conformable.
  • Features : Apart from basic noise cancellation there should be various other features that equip the headphones like on board controls, data cable, Bluetooth connectivity etc.
  • Budget : The whole selection of these articles is based on the budget, the price should not exceed $100, and we have tried to pick the best headphones for you under these budgets which are also a great value for money.

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100


One of the top rated product in the noise cancelling category is the Cowin E-7 which is priced at $69.99 . It has become a customer favorite due to the various feature it offers.

The packaging is quite simple and nothing great should be expected from the packaging. Headphones under $100 category have very less or nothing to offer in the area of packaging.

Contents in the package or the box

  • a 2 page usual manual,
  • a micro-USB charging cable,
  • a 3.5 Aux cable,
  • carrying pouch
  • The headphone itself.

You can use the aux cable in the situations where you like to save battery; otherwise the need of aux cable may not arise much as the headphones work on wireless Bluetooth technology.

The plastic in the headphone looks cheap due to glossy and flashy finish at the first look. The design is not up to the mark.

Since it comes with Bluetooth connectivity it works as decent wireless noise cancelling headphone which offers a massive battery life of 30 hours, charge it once fully and you are good to go for the whole weekend.

In addition to the wireless connectivity you can NF conectionn as well on the left side of the headphone.

The ear cups are round in shape and swivel 90 degrees, laying flat on the ground. There is also a microphone attached on the ear cup which can be used the time of calling.

Features of cowin e-7

  • the noise reduction is significant
  • There are 40mm big speaker drivers through which you can enjoy the deep, powerful sound of the music you love.
  • The headphones are lightweight which you can wear all day long with full comfort
  • They offer you with Bluetooth 4.0  technology and NFC connection
  • It offers a long battery life of 30 hours which is commendable.


  • The construction of the product and design is excellent
  • The long battery life
  • Very affordable and value for money
  • For the mentioned price it offers decent noise cancellation


  • the Bluetooth connection does not work well on all devices
  • the ear cup may not fit to people with big sizes
  • there is a level of discomfort after hearing it for too long
  • the buttons on the headphone look cheap

The Cowin E7 Active Noise Calling Headphones is a good choice if you are looking for value for money and are ready to compromise on some features.



Golzer is not the most popular brand when it comes to headphones. But then also it has managed to create this amazing headphone piece.

Inside the box the contents are, you get the

  • Golzer BANC-50 Active NC Headphones…
  • big Headphone Carrying Case
  • USB Cable,
  • 5mm headphone cable
  • 3mm adapter
  • An airline adapter.

The best thing about this headphone is the built in mic in the headset which uses wireless Bluetooth 4.1 headset and aptX technology than help to sip free music.

The company has claimed 85% Noise cancelling which makes it a great choice if you are travelling by air or a noisy transport.

There are Three Modes which you can Choose in this Headset:

  • With noise cancelling mode without Bluetooth: in this mode the headset offers a 30 hours of battery life.
  • With Noise Cancelling turned off and only in Bluetooth mode: in this mode the headset offers battery life of 15hrs.
  • Bluetooth with noise cancelling feature : in this mode it offers 12 hours of Battery

Features of Golzer Bank 50

  • Uses the new Apt-x technology that delivers wired quality audio with the help of wireless bluetoth4.1
  • It has intuitive controls and voice prompts which makes it easy to switch in between calls
  • The Golzer BANC-50 has two operating mode, wired and Bluetooth. You can switch on or off the noise cancelling feature as per your need.
  • Offers up to 85% of noise cancellation


  • These headphones are designed in such a manner that they can be worn for long duration with extreme comfort.
  • The noise cancellation feature of the headphone is quite decent and works for most of the time.
    the protective case provided is very useful
  • It is a great value for money
  • Very affordable and equipped with good features


  • The noise cancellation may produce a low hum if there is no music playing
  • The product is decent but not great in anything making it a budget model.
  • The ANC is mild

3. MONOPRICE 10010


Monoprice is a one of the biggest player in the industry when it comes to producing products with great sound quality with ease of affordability.

Design: These headphones have a glossy back and only one power button unlike the other headphones that offer plenty of buttons along the line. The ear cups are quite comfortable with the padding of the memory foam and it also has an amazing built it quality.

The sound quality is great and better in comparison to other headsets with the same price tag which distinguish it from its competitors.

Also they offer 92% noise cancellation and a tremendous 50 hours of battery life.

Monoprice 10010 does not work on the wireless technology because of which you will need to connect them to the device be it your Smartphone or laptop with the datable cable provided with the headphones.

Even though they offer everything that one looks in a noise cancelling headphone which comes with an affordable price, but then also they fail to match the quality and the features of a higher priced product.


  • Monoprice includes both a 58-inch standard cable and 55-inch cable with an inline microphone and control module
  • Noise cancelling up to 92%
  • Battery life up to 50 hours.
  • The headphone cord is detachable


  • The noise cancelling feature is quite good
  • These headphones are very affordable
  • They are value for money
  • The design is quite nice and the headphones are very comfortable
  • The sound quality is quite good.


  • Again these headphones are good at everything they offer, but not great in anything.
  • Also they lack the wireless technology

4. BOHM B-66


Bohm B 66 is the headphones which offer both noise cancellation and style all in your budget i.e. under $100.

The brand is known was producing good quality audio products under its name and with 4.4 star ratings on Amazon; which is coming from more than five hundreds customers, you can be sure that you are going to have an amazing experience using this product paying jus the money to want to spend.

These are on-ear headphones which work on the Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

If we talk about the design they are more stylish from the all the mentioned headphones and also have much superior quality in terms of design. The looks of this headphone may deceive in believing that these headphones cost way more than their actual price and a certain to draw your attention.

The company offers two color combinations in Bohm B-66 comes in:

  • Silver and Black
  • Brown and Gold…

The brown and gold looks better in our opinion,

Design: The ear cups are made of aluminum, and the ear pods and headbands are covered with faux leather helping the headphones to get a premium look.

Just like the product the packaging is also of superior quality. The contents in the box are:

  • Carrying case
  • airline adapter
  • USB cable.
  • Carrying Case
  • User manual

These headphones can be you to charge through the USB cable as these do not work batteries.

They last for around 16 hours a day when fully charged.

Product features

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 
    these headphones function on the wireless Bluetooth technology which provides you with ease to carry them travel with them. Also they offer active noise cancelling unlike the others which offer passive noise cancelling.
  • Premium Stereo Drivers
    the driver units are 40mm and offer a premium frequency range of 20 Hz 20 kHz which provides you with powerful music and also a great bass.
  • Rechargeable Battery
    the built in batteries which are rechargeable, and recharge in 3 hours and provide last up to 16 hours to continuous music playback and up to 18 hours of talk time.
  • Comfort & Convenience
    these headphones fully take care of your comfort by offering you leather ear cups to an inline remote and microphone add convenience. Also the case provided to store it is quite useful.
  • Style & Detail
    the headphones offer you with the most premium and luxurious design.


  • the audio quality is great
  • the noise cancellation is decent
  • the headphones are comfortable and can be worn for long hours
  • the design is quite stylish giving it a premium look


  • There is a clamping issue
  • Noise isolation is not up to the mark




Cb3 headphones come with a very simple design which flows along the body very nicely.

CB3 Hush comes in a box that includes the following:

  • the headphone itself,
  • afull-sized carrying zipper case
  • airline adapter
  • 5mm AUX cable
  • USB charging cable
  • An additional zipper and other accessories.

Under the price of $100 these headphones offer a wholesome package.

These are available in two colors: silver and black and you get a Bluetooth 4.1 support providing you ease to carry the device.

Product features

  • CB3 HUSH has 40 mm drivers inside each cup which have the capability of producing the producing frequency range between 20Hz-20 kHz.
  • It offers a battery life of approximately 10 hours when fully charged, the headphones are fully charged in 2.5 hours.
  • The headphone uses the Bluetooth 4.1 technology.


  • . The built quality of the product is quite nice which makes it look elegant Good build quality.
  • The noise cancelling feature is also good and it able to drown the unwanted voices to a considerate level.ANC is good.
  • value for money


  • The audio quality deteriorates once you turn off the ANC mode.
  • The lack of volume controls
  • Mic quality is quite poor and not up to the mark.
  • The headphone begins to feel uncomfortable after long hours and needs constant readjustment


All the products mentioned above may not be able to match the quality of highly priced products but offer more than enough features and considerable quality which will surely fit your need without burning a hole in your pocket. The above mentioned Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones under $100 are the best in the market and are will not disappoint you.

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