Ping Pong Root APK

Ping pong root is an application which is used to rooting your smartphone which basically works only on Android as you know about this app and wants to know, I consider that you what root means in android.  You can root your device by using only Ping Pong Root APK no pc or app is required you only need ping pong root for this which I will explain later in this post how to root your device using this pingpong root app.

Earlier rooting requires deep knowledge and the rooting is done by professional now using anyone can root their device they just have to download this app and follow the steps which I will explain later in this post. There are many pros and cons of rooting but a number of pros dominate the cons and people prefer to root their device.

Ping Pong Root APK

The main advantage of this app is this it does not leave any evidence of rooting when the device is restored to its factory settings this is an advantage because you all aware of that when you root your device the warranty will void and no warranty will be provided by the company if they find the device is rooted. So it is a main and best advantage of this app that after rooting you can restore your device so that it can go back to factory version and warranty will not be voided. Pingpong is supported by almost all the devices and compatible with all the version of the android. But this app is specifically made for the s6 and s5 users and it may works in other devices also.


Ping pong root is apk which will root your device in one click and it is mainly for Samsung users and devices like s6 and s5 and the size is around 4.2 MB and it is free of cost and the stable version is v6.0.1 and the number of download of this app is around 2 lakh.

How to Download and Install Pingpong Root APK?

In this post I will explain how to download and install pingpong apk in your device, you just have to go to setting and enable the option of unknown sources without doing this you will not be able to install this app.

There are following steps which should be followed to install the app on your device:-

  • First, you have to check whether your device is supported by this app or not and it is supported by all Samsung ROM So if you have Samsung phones then good to go to next step.
  • Download apk from the link which is provided in this post and you have to download another app which is supersu and if your rom support these apps then you will not face any problem in installing these apps in your device.
  • Then install these app on your device and perform the basic setup of these apps.
  • On the home screen of pingpong root, you will get two option one is “get root” and other is “download data”.
  • Then select download data according to your rom.
  • After downloading just click on get root button and it will take some time and then after that, the rooting is done and your device is rooted just reboot your device.
  • After restarting your device now update the binaries for that you have to open supersu app and then update your binary using supersu
  • After updating you will get two choices one is normal and other is TWRP/CWN and then you just click on normal and after that just reboot your device.
  • Now your device is rooted and you can verify by any root checker app which is available on play store.

Advantages of Rooting | PingPong Root APK Download

There are many advantages of this app which is listed below:-

  • You can block unwanted advertisement which appears when you are using any
  • You can hack android game by using xmod games app games like clash of clans etc.
  • You can also uninstall the preinstalled app which you unable to uninstall earlier.
  • You will get good performance and battery life.
  • There will be no restriction so that you can completely use the features if others app.
  • Your data can easily be backed up.

An Alternative way of Rooting Your Device

If you are unable to root using pingpong root app, so here we will guide you through the whole process of rooting your device. There are various through which you can root your android device easily.

  • You can use any direct root application for rooting your device, which is available on the internet
  • Some of them are Framaroot apk, iroot or Towelroot apk
  • You can download this app directly from their respective websites
  • After downloading you just have to install it through your file manager
  • Once the installation process is complete, you can run the application just by taping on the app icon
  • After opening the app click on root your device option and select the basic option of rooting
  • Ensure that your phone is a full charge or have a charge more than 50% for safer side, otherwise, you have to suffer from data loss or sometime Damaging the OS your android device
  • After the process is completed reboot your device
  • Done

This is all about the pingpong root apk hope you understand the whole procedure how to install and use the app and if you find difficult to root then you can just follow the alternative way of rooting your device, the alternative way will work in all the devices.

In this post, I have provided you the whole process, how to install and download the pingong root app. This post will help you in an efficient manner and get most out of it without causing any problem to your device or smartphone, by reading this post you will find it easy to install and run the app easily without having any prior technical knowledge. In this post I have provided you with the Ping Pong Root APK application and it is hundred percent secure and easy to download, you just have to click the download button icon and it will start downloading into your device and then you have to open the application and install window will appear and just click on the install button and it will start installing on your smartphone and I will guarantee you it is hundred percent genuine and secure, and it will work perfectly on your device if you followed the above-mentioned steps in which I have guided you how to run and use this application and to the necessary things before running the application on your smartphone.

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